Monday, June 15, 2009

Wish you were here...

God damn the internet.. One day I am really gonna do it... Im finally gonna leave this all behind.. Sometime in the (not too distant) future Im going to shut down my macbook and log out of this virtual world for the very last time...

Now, if Im not mistaken, then like me, you too at some point in the last 5 years, have been taken away by the idea of the "Law of Attraction". And as I did, no doubt you became privy to it (and furiously continued to devour it), through movies such "What the Bleep", and "The Secret". You too, probably also began adding to your library, many titles from the long list of similarly themed books, cd's, dvd's & seminars, and continue to receive a variety of bombardment emails from so many others who have come along to cash in on the hype. Perhaps you were into it "way before anyone else even knew about it..." or maybe you came across the "source" material or more "spiritual" versions of it. Either way, Im sure, that just like me, you've been busy manifesting away and eagerly tuning your vibration into that of health, wealth and abundance..

So, now that we're all feverishly visualizing our millions of dollars, walking around with gratitude stones in our pockets and taping our very own hand made "million dollar bill" to our vision boards (right in between the picture of the dream house, dream car and soul mate.), now they bring out: Zeitgeist...

And Ive got to tell you, I am pissed..

Just when I was on the verge of manifesting my millions, just when I had begun to understand my emotional guidance system and had aligned my feelings with my thoughts and desires, just when I had finally put the whole thing together and it was all within my reach, they bring out this..

If you're up to date in these virtual times, then no doubt you've already seen it and sent the download link to all the people in your email and facebook accounts. Both the 1st and 2nd part (addendum) had me on the edge of my chair hurling abuse, at the unseen but ever present forces that control and enslave the world.

However, if you truly want to keep people trapped and enslaved, you don't need to trick them by creating a monetary system that is based on and creates infinite debt, you don't need to build an elaborate web of lies and institutions to keep them fooled, you don't even need to fake a terrorist attack and use the media to control public opinion as an means to quickly change laws that take away their basic freedoms, all you need to do, if you really want to keep people enslaved is: confuse the hell out of them.

And to create confusion all one simply need's to do is state 2 totally agreeable, while at the same time, polar ideas.

Now if Ive got this right.... On one hand Im being told that i can create infinite wealth, that if i just tune my vibration into that of infinite abundance then I will manifest all that i desire, and that within the vibration of abundance there is always enough for everyone... Money, they tell us, is just another form of energy, and we (humans), are just receivers and transmitters of energy. Furthermore, we're told, that the circulation of money is nothing more than the flowing of energy...

But right on the other hand, we have someone else telling us that the system and society which we mold our lives around, the system that governs our world, the international monetary system, is a manufactured form of slavery. That this system is a scheme devised and made to run at a constant debt to keep the world bankers and those crafty illuminati folk, flush with land, money, power and wealth, while the rest of us struggle in economic bondage. And more so, were told, that this whole economic system is at the very core of the worlds problems of war, starvation, disease, sickness, pollution & environmental destruction.

So, what I want to know now, what I cant seem to get my head around just yet is: how will it ever be vibrationally possible for me to align myself with wealth, when I have been so thoroughly convinced that the fractional reserve system which our money and therefore our lives are based on, is the most evil, cunning and life destroying enemy that the human race has ever faced?

Confused? Well, my head spins as I write this, to say the least..........

Because its not just Zeitgeist that Ive seen... I've watched Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth too... I know all about global warming now, Im armed with statistics, graphs and pie charts and Im pretty convinced about the effect globalization and energy consumption is having on the earth. And on top of it all, there's that whole 2012 Mayan prophecy thing (that Im not really so sure about), which seems to be foretelling our impending doom.

Somehow it feels like we're all playing the end game, as if we're counting down the last remaining seconds to full time, extinction, or at least the end of life as we presently know it. Will we annihilate ourselves? Continue evolving with no limit to our progress? Or, will we finally come together as one people and create a new earth based on peace and love? The betting is on for when and how its all going to go down.. But no one really knows for sure which side of the fence to sit upon.

So that leaves us here, caught in the middle, desperately trying escape the matrix of the social economic enslavement system, while feverishly striving to make our millions, so that we can continue to consume an unending amount of material junk, while we go about saving the planet.. It seems like the more we do, the more tangled in the web we become..

In our last ditch efforts to save ourselves, we have all turned to the internet. Hoping to connect with like minded people. People just like you and me, who have opened our eyes to truth, or at least some version of it. Truths such as: we create our own reality, that we are destroying the planet with our consumeristic lifestyles, we are governed by the corporat-ocrasy, and that we all need to do something about it, fast..... So we log on and log in to our facebook accounts, we send each other links to environmental documentaries, we make you tube videos and slap each other on the back for our new dietary habits, eco-business ideas, and for wearing the latest "organic" fashion.

But when it all comes down to it, is any of this stuff really making a difference?

Does being connected to the internet bring us closer to that which we really want?

Because Ive got the sneaking suspicion that it is actually taking me further and further away... The more connected I am here, it seems, the more disconnected I am from the natural world. The more time I spend on my computer trying connect with others to save the world, the more time I am away from actually enjoying the beauty and wonder of it... The more time Im inside sending messages and skyping about how good it is to be outside and living life - the less Im actually doing it..

Its all rather ironic...

If Im truly honest about it, my vision of a better planet doesn't include my beloved laptop. It doesn't include Google, Facebook, YouTube or any one of the other wonderful new web applications appearing daily online... And it certainly doesn't involve me sitting in front of a screen for hours and hours on end, day after day connecting with the world in here instead of the world out there...

My vision for a better planet is much more simple and far less complicated.... No Laptop, No Passwords, No Speedy Wi-Fi connection.

All it requires, is for me to log in to the moment, to sign in to my real life account, connect with the friends in my 3 dimensional social network and BE HERE NOW....

Wish you were here.... :o)

Friday, June 12, 2009

RAW to RICHES - 7 Easy steps to making Millions by becoming a Raw Entrepreneur

Are you tired of sitting on your computer reading about the endless conversion of nerds to millionaires? Are you sick of seeing small time people becoming huge overnight successes with thousands of followers on their blog or youtube channel? Do you want your own shot at fame, power and wealth? Do you want to make a difference in the world?

If your answer is yes, then you've come to the right place!

Hi, and welcome to my e-tutorial entitled; RAW TO RICHES!

Right here, right now, we are going to work together to turn your life around. Why? Because you deserve it. Yes, that's right.. You deserve it.. You may find it hard to believe but you do deserve to have everything that you've ever wanted in life. You truly deserve to be, do and have everything that you have ever dreamed about...

And now friends, I am going to show you how!

If you follow my patented 7 easy steps you will be well on your way to creating the life that you deserve. What I like to call: "The best life ever!"

So follow me as we go on the journey from: RAW to RICHES!!!!!!!!

Step 1. Find your theme.
This is your new brand. Your "theme" is the image of Your New Company! The face that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Find a theme that has "RAW" in the title. Make your theme attract your audiences attention by appealing to higher motives by using key words such as "Health", "Power" and "Transformation" in your title.

Alternatively, you may want your theme to reach a wider audience by appealing to the sexual urge, in people. In this case, use a theme that attracts by encouraging voyeuristic types with names such as "Sexy bitches like it Raw". "Give it to me Raw." or "Naked Food Life".

Another way to find your winning theme is to try your hand at creating a new word, by combining the word "raw" with another word suitable to your cause.. Examples are; "Rawsome", "Rawcumentary", "Rawk and Roll"..

You may decide that you also want to become a celebrity while on the journey from raw to riches, in this case you may find a name to showcase your new "raw" personality. Try adding the word "raw" in front of your present name or select a new name that best alludes to your niche in this rapidly growing and lucrative market. Examples include; "RawRider", "DurianModel", "RawFred"..

Step 2. Own it.
Once you have found your winning theme you must register it as a domain name. Go to and secure your new name.. The millions of dollars that you are going to make from your own Raw to Riches journey, will come directly from the traffic that visits your website. If your original million dollar raw title has been taken, go back and repeat step 1.

Never under any circumstances register any domain name other than yourname.COM Domains which end in .net, .tv, .biz, are for losers. You do not want to be a loser. You are a winner. For ultimate exposure and wealth creation, be sure to only register a name with the ".com" suffix.

Now, go and build your own Raw to Riches Website around your new Theme!

Step 3. Get Connected.
To make it on your path from Raw to Riches, your greatest asset is people. People have money, and money is what you want, so it is with people that you must ally yourself with if you are to make your millions.

Try finding large networks of people who are already interested in the ideas that you are wanting to sell. Look for online social networks, who's communities are filled with people sensitive to your cause. It is much easier to make money from those who already agree with you then to convert others to your way of thinking.

Once you have found your community you must build your network. Make as many friends as possible by writing short messages to members and requesting their friendship.

Use applications such as twitter so that you can keep all your "friends" updated with your raw adventures throughout the day. Tweets like "Eating orgasmic cacao beans.. Im in Bliss.." , "Im in Durian heaven..." or "Raw and Loving It" will begin to attract the desired attention.

Once you have created a large enough base of "friends", you are ready to begin the next step.

Step 4. You Tube.
No Raw to Riches millionaire can climb to the peak of the mountain of wealth without their very own YouTube video.

What will yours be.......?

Why not document your raw food journey? Or how about showing the world how to make your own version of a "green smoothie". Perhaps you could film yourself walking through a vegetable garden, or get the camera to follow you as you "hunt" down some exotic fruit in the wild. If that style of video is not to your liking why not film your own roadside discourse on the meaning of life, or create a humorous "spoof" on the raw food scene. The possibilities are endless.... Broadcast yourself!

Step 5. Write your own ebook.
If there is one group of people who are respected in this world, then it is writers. People like to read, and possibly even more than they like to read, they love to know authors.. You can become someone people love by writing your very own ebook.. And now it is simpler than ever. What is the secret of evolution? Adaptation... And that same secret will help you write your very own ebook. There's no need to do years of scientific research or personal studies, just "stand on the shoulders of giants" by reading a few books and then repackaging the same information in a new form: a new book with a new title! Be sure to offer this book free from your website to all those who provide you with an email address so that you can bombard their email account with various offers at a later date.

Step 6. Your products.
You may think that it would be near impossible to sell food and related products to people who eat food in its natural state, however, if you think that, you would be very much mistaken... In fact, once people click onto the idea that eating raw is good and that it helps to save the planet, why, there are innumerable products which you can package and then sell. Products which your eager network will be itching to get their planet saving hands on. From masticating juicers to 3 horsepower blenders, detox programs and cleanses to exotic packaged fruits, seeds and nuts. And lets not forget the biggest money maker of all ( and my personal favorite): SuperFoods!

If you can get it into a bag, bottle or some other form of plastic without heating it over 118 degrees fahrenheit, then congratulations my friend, because you have got yourself a "raw" product!

But don't be fooled into limiting yourself, its not only "raw" food and related products you can sell. This, friends, is just the start! Being a Raw to Riches Millionaire, you will also want to roll out your repackaged "raw" information in the form of DVDs, Hard Copy books, Health Programs, Online Coaching, Affirmation Cards, Calendars & Personal Planners...

Once you have created your very own line of products you can now complete the pinnacle of the Raw to Riches Program.....

Step 7. Creating your Own Retreat.
Now you are in the ultimate position. You have walked the mountain trail and scaled the summit. At this point you have created your theme, you've secured your domain name and built your website. You should have already created your network, broadcast yourself on YouTube and written your ebook. By now your products are rolling of the production line and selling faster than Durian at a Raw Spirit Festival! Now is the time to do what any self respecting Raw to Riches millionaire would do; build your very own raw retreat.

By building your own raw retreat, you will secure your position in the Raw Food World as an industry great. Within the hearts and minds of all raw fooder's is the dream that someday they will own a little piece of paradise to frolic in the sun, eating only the rawest of raw foods, straight from their organic permaculture designed gardens, while kicking back in their eco-designed bungalows and pooping in their very own compost toilet.

The best part is, that although most people will never be in a position to create and live in this environment, they will however, spend thousands of dollars just to stay at one for as little as 7-10 days.

To complete the 7th and final step, first choose one of three tropical locations..
1. Hawaii
2. Costa Rica
3. Bali.

Secure your land at a ridiculously low price from a struggling family and then contract local workers to construct, from virgin rain forest, your very own "dream eco/health/raw food destination".

Once construction is complete your retreat then becomes your "Training/Learning Centre", for educating the world on the use of your own patented "raw food" program. Once you have built your retreat and created your training program you may then certify your students or "guests" with your very own accreditation, so they can go out into their community, teaching your methods and further promoting your products.

With this step alone, you have created a whole force of ready and willing salesmen and women who will go on to do much of the work that would have been impossible to do alone. In essence you have duplicated your efforts exponentially to the number of people that you certify. Each one an active participant in your acquiring of wealth. As your army of crusaders increases, be prepared to increase dramatically your production and sales of products.. It is quite possible now, that you may be entering a place where few gone before you..

To the heights and greatness of: The Raw Billionaire!

With these 7 easy to follow steps, you too may follow the path to wealth and your very own raw to riches story, and begin to live the best life ever! We love living the RAW to RICHES lifestyle, and we certainly hope to see you here someday.

In the meantime don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter, jammed packed full of useless information, flashy images, hear-say and opinions, designed first and foremost get you to buy more things that you really don't need.

Lets all get together and help save the planet from ourselves!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Too much information!

It seems that one of our needs as a group of people, and also as individuals, is to create Heroes, Leaders, Gurus and Celebrities. At first, one may suppose that it is because of their personal greatness, the above human qualities that they possess. But deep down, I wonder if this need we have of hero worship, is to give us the feeling that we, may somehow have the possibility to become that which they are, ourselves...

Within all of us, it seems that there is an inkling, the idea that our lives matter, that we are somehow of importance. That we are someone special. That we have some hidden talent, gift, or quality within us that will one day be noticed, and then shine for all the world to see...
By looking to, and upholding these dynamic individuals who have the qualities which we want to find in ourselves, I have the suspicion, that we feel some hope. Hope that we too will soon find our magic, and transform our lives into a grand masterpiece....

If you think about it, we all tend to model our lives after them. We read their books, listen to their stories, follow their programs and buy their products. We look to them for the answers and we take their words as gospel truth.. Often defending them, in the face of all opposition, until the brutal, bloody end.

Perhaps we think, "If I could just find out what the magic formula is, then I could finally crack this thing. I could finally release myself from this cage and set myself free. Free to live the life that I want. Free to be who I truly am. Free to do all that I want to do. Free to live the life that I was born to live."

But, is that true? Will looking to the life of another as the answer to all of our questions, be that which brings us to our own conclusions of life? Will the key of that who I am looking up to, necessarily be the same key that fits my lock? Will their truth, be the key to open the door to all it is that I dream?

If you stop to take a look at the life of these people we hold in such high esteem, if you look at how they came to know their truth, (which they so often tell us about) we begin to realize that they themselves, came to be who they are, by arriving at their own conclusions as to what "truth" meant.

The answers which they hold and we seek, came to them from having walked their own path, making their own journey and experiencing life for themselves, in their own way..

And if you truly listen to the core of their message, you begin to realize they are telling us to do the same..

We, like all those who have risen to great heights before us, can only do so by finding our own wisdom. If we are to find strength, courage, clarity, determination, and faith to be all that we are, then we must (and can only) find these qualities within ourselves.

In the search for the answers to our questions, we all have a silent voice within us, guiding us along the path. However, to hear this voice, we must quiet the voices of all others who would try to direct us and lead us along the way.

It is without doubt, that we each have our own path to walk, and every single one of us have been equipped with our own internal compass to guide us along our journey.

That which we search for and seek in others, is already, and has always been within us. Once we begin to quiet the endless noise of opinions, facts, statistics and experiences of others, we can begin to find that, within the peace of silence, it is our inner voice, our personal guide which speaks loudest.

And when we begin to follow that, we will always know the right way....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Making a Cosmic Deal..

Riding The Cosmic Wave....

Im a surfer... Well, I mean that I can surf... Its just that I've have had kind of an on and off relationship with it.. It started when I was 12 getting pushed into some white water by a friend's dad on an old, beat up surfboard. 6 months later I quit, I then took what is considered a "step back" on the surfer's evolutionary scale, and I become a body boarder, before eventually, having the good sense to take it back up at the age of 16.

Since then, Ive had periods of 6-12 months at a time, surfing everyday, then stopping momentarily while pursuing other interests, then coming back to it only to put it down, pick it up and repeat the cycle once again..

Mostly, through my life however, I have tried to put myself in situations where there is the promise of good waves, for example the last few years I have been living in Bali, one of the true paradises for any surfer. However, there are still times in my life, such as now, here in Chile (where we're expecting our first son any day now), when I am not actively making the effort to look for waves and spend time in the magical world of the ocean.

At the core of it, when all the work is done, if I were to live my life exactly as I would choose, I would be sailing around the world on my own boat, surfing perfect waves with my family and friends, and finding a tropical island on which to live in the wild, eating fruit, nuts, berries and veggies straight from the plants...

The life of a surfer, a real surfer, one who lives for the sole purpose of searching for waves and riding the mystical energy of the ocean, must truly be one of the most perfect and aesthetically pleasing lives that one may be able to live..

What could be more beautiful then waking up to watch the sun rise? Playing with those you love in the unspoiled beauty of nature? Traveling the world, meeting new cultures and experiencing the many and varied faces of the planet earth..?

Not solely for the poetic beauty of such an existence, surfing itself has got to be one of the ultimate workouts and fitness producing endeavors, using just about every muscle in the body, increasing strength, cardio fitness, lung capacity, and it keeps one close to the valuable healing ions of the sea.. All things associated with good health.. On top of that, it is also a whole lot of fun!

Anyway, the point is, Ive just had some great news!

Im actually in the process of making a bit of a cosmic deal..

You know how everyone has been talking about the Secret & Law of Attraction? Well if you look back a bit, one of the first people to mention and spread the message of the Law of Attraction was Napoleon Hill. If you check out his earlier work, way back in 1927, he always said that the "rendering of service", "taking initiative" and "giving something more", were a few of the keys to the "Golden Rule".

When you get down to the basics of it all, Its all about energy. "That's nothing new", I hear you say... "They've all told us that before.." And you're right.... We all know that its all about energy, but more specifically, its about about 2 things: 1. The energy that is coming to you, and 2. The energy that is coming from you.

And then to notice: How is this energy the flowing?

But sometimes, we need to go a little further back and ask ourselves something more important: Is the energy flowing?

One thing that many self-help gurus and new age philosophers forget to tell us in their messages of success and happiness, is a way how to (without purchasing any of their products), get energy to flow.. How to get energy flowing in, and keep that energy flowing out.. And just in case you haven't already heard.. The best way to begin to get the energy to flow is to: give something..

You literally have to give before you get...

For energy to Flow, there must be an exchange... To receive - One must give. To Give - One must receive. Without this exchange, we are left with what amounts to some form of emotional or energetic debt. Stagnation, Depression, Isolation, Disease, Loneliness..

Stagnant energy is the breeding ground of sickness and disease. Have you ever seen a swamp full of mosquitoes?

You don't even have to give a lot... Just begin with something simple....

For example; If you're sick, what is it that you are not giving in return for your health? What are you not giving your body in return for good health? Exchange something. Give the gift of Raw Food, Exercise and Care to your body, and your body must complete the transaction..

If you are depressed, what is it that you are not giving your mind in return for happiness? What exchange are you willing to make? Which thoughts are you willing to give your mind, so that it will give you peace, strength, clarity, happiness, faith, love and joy in return?

There's an old phrase that you've probably heard before: Never Accept the Free Lunch.

If I were to put it into my own translation, one way to see it is that; whenever you receive something, you will inevitably have to give something in return. So, be sure to know what the exchange of energy will be. As inevitably, there is always an exchange of some kind.

Everything thing in life has two parts that need to find balance. With every action, there is a reaction. So too with every gift given. When you receive a gift from someone, naturally you feel to give something back to whoever first gave you the gift, If you give nothing in return you may eventually feel a little awkward or uncomfortable around them, feeling like you owe them something... (You know, like those people that you didn't even send a thank you card to, and that you seem to avoid whenever they call!)

That feeling of owing is the feeling of energetic debt. Because, you haven't completed the energetic transaction. You haven't yet given anything for what you received. The energy hasn't flowed. And in doing so you haven't received the gift in its fullness.

Part of the gift of life is feeling the joy of being able to give... No matter who we are, where we are, or who we are with, there is something that we can give... And in the process our our giving, it will bring more of what we want into our lives.

If the Law of Attraction, Napoleon Hill and this idea of "never accepting the free lunch" are here to serve as guides along the path of life, I'm getting the feeling that they are leading me to this; if all things are energy, and all my experiences are energetic in nature, then, to increase the flow of energy in my experience, I must first be willing to give and direct the energy that I already have.

The truth I choose to imagine is, everything is waiting right here for us. Whatever it is that you want. You can have it.. There's more than we can even imagine, trying to make its way in our life, this very moment, if only we are willing to make some space for it, by allowing the energy to flow.. The exchange has to be fair.. Make space for more by first giving more of what you already have...

So anyway.. Back to my Cosmic Deal. What the heck is a "Cosmic Deal'? I hear you ask.

Well a Cosmic Deal is about the deal you make for your own life... "What am I willing to give to life to get that which I want back from life?"

What it really comes down to is asking these simple questions....

*What is it that I want from life?
*What is the change that I wish to see in the world?
*What am I going to do to be that change?

Once you answer that... Well, that's It... That's the job.... That's the mission. That's the Goal.. That's the meaning of your Life.. That, my friends, is what is known as your cosmic deal....

You give, you create, you share, you let the energy flow and life comes in and showers you with more..... Guaranteed!

So...... Ive finally came up with an idea that I think is a pretty fair trade off with God, the Universe and the Infinite Cosmos... One that Ill think they'll all happily accept...

"The more I live the Life that I want - The more they'll give it to me..."

In other words... The more I choose to be the Change that I wish to see in the World - The more these Changes will become my Reality...

Now, Ive checked the fine print, and the terms of this deal are open ended. The Man Upstairs has given me as long as it takes to get there... Its all up to me... I can take it slow, or, I can choose to use each moment to bring me closer to what it is that I want...

And in the times where I choose to do nothing, I will feel hollow, empty, lonely and depressed, And when I choose to be the change, I will begin to see the change, and feel the change, and these moments will be filled with joy, love, peace and happiness...

Sounds pretty fair, right?

One part of my deal is to achieve and maintain great health while at the same time helping to create a healthier planet, and I reckon that Raw Food is probably one of the best things that I can do to help close my part of the deal a bit quicker...

So answering the question, What do I want from life? Like every good surfer, I just want to ride the Cosmic Wave.. To feel the endless flow of the infinite. To ride the ups and downs of what I want to give and what I want to receive, who I want to Be and what I want to Experience.. To me that is truly the ultimate ride.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Raw Confession..

I have a confession to make. I am a thought Junkie. I am addicted to thinking. Seriously... My daily habit goes way beyond comprehension, especially my own, and I finding myself coming to terms with the fact that I am hopelessly out of control.

On a good day, most people dont even seem to notice. On a bad day, well.... I could be gone for hours. Daydreaming myself into perfect worlds of pristine forests, waterfalls, rainbows and butterflies, agonizing over how to make a million dollars or, bouncing from mental image to mental image, discecting the very fabric of the cosmic matrix.

I've been riding waves of unbelievable highs and devastating lows as I go about my daily construction and destruction of my present reality. I dart in and out, shoot up and down, and cross from side to side. If my thoughts were a ball and you were to follow its movements, you would say they were somewhat erratic.

Now dont get me wrong, I love to think. In fact, that is probably my biggest problem. Finding solutions to questions and problems fascinates me, but once i come to the logical conclusion, my mind races straight to the next question so that it can experience the inevitable thrill of finding the next answer.. The problem however, is evident only when I have taken off again on another space walk, before I have implemented the solution of my last pondering into my life. Before I have acted on it..

The intellect grows, the understanding increases and deepens, yet the circumstances remain the same.. In other words, I know what I should be doing, I know what would help me move out of the present situation into another one that I would find more appealing, but I am not doing that which I feel to do, and so therefore I remain in the same space of wanting, knowing, but not doing..

Can you see how my habit is affecting me? Besides being unable to string together a coherent sentence, I am yet to master the basics of my own life before I have already moved on, to far more complex issues. Issues which require a firm foundation to be built upon to reach them.

Can you imagine trying to put a roof on a house that doesn't have walls yet? It just doesn't make sense. Unfortunately, looking back, that is how Ive been running around in my own mind. Mentally attacking problems of world hunger, global warming, and the 2012 Mayan Prophecies before Ive even learned how to manage and live my own life effectively, on a daily basis.

Its ridiculous to think but I actually sit and imagine ways of transforming the world through the internet, when I am yet to transform my own life into something meaningful, beautiful, healthful, natural, conscious and loving.

How can I possibly think that I (yes, it's true) could rid the world of things such as chemical pollution, when I am still buying and eating chemically sprayed produce from the grocery store? How can I preach about the need to reduce carbon emissions, when I don't even turn out the lights when I am not in the room? Or when I drive my car when I know I could walk or ride a bike? Or when I buy plastic wrapped products and even still use plastic bags - even though i know how bad they are?

I mean, I don't even eat in the correct way that a land mammal of our physical make-up should be eating for optimal, natural health and vitality. After all these years of life on earth, you would think that of all the most basic of things, eating would be something that I would have down pat. But alas, its not true... Even though I know that eating only natural foods, consumed in their natural form are really the only form of "food" there is, I have only just returned to eating in that manner, even after "knowing" it for over 4 years..

The decision to become Raw for many people is a matter of health, to keep the body at its optimum level of nutrition and fitness, kind of as an insurance policy for the quality and longevity of ones life. Often its to reverse disease or the turn back the ugly side effects of a Standard American Diet(SAD). However, one of the added bonuses and best features of living and eating Organic Raw Plant Food is the low impact and positive affects it has on the health of the planet. For me these two ideas go hand in hand.

Naturally Healthy Body = Naturally Healthy Planet

The funniest thing is this; as we eat our way to a healthier body and life with Organic Raw Food so too are we literally are eating our way to a healthier planet. As we loose our addiction to cooked, processed food, plastic packaging and consumer based living, we are removing the very things that are, not only the root of our physical health problems, but the root of global warming and the environment...

So where was I? What was the point.....? Ah yes, the point...

As my mind wanders further and further into the unending field of possibilities, Im making a decision to begin at once to cut back on my obsessive thinking addiction.. No really... I am :o) Because the truth is I cant keep thinking about it - Ive got to do something about it

Im finding it more and more important to be here in this moment, adhering to the old adage: "Think Globally - Act Locally".... And not just to the first part of the phrase.... I've done all the thinking I can possibly handle.. Everything is here, waiting and ready, now.

Its time to act! Its time that I put into practice, all that I think I know, all that Ive read about, and all that I have thought, felt and thunk, if I am to ever see any real change... Beginning with my own life first....

So Im going back to Basics... No more riding high on the unending psychic plane. No more getting lost in the time-loop, chasing the eternal questions and answers of life for days on end. No more building roofs for a house with no walls. Its time to get down and dirty. Time to build a real, strong and sturdy foundation.. Time to bring the wisdom to the ground... Time to live it. Manifest it. Co-create it..

.....Everyone has quoted him so many times already that the beauty of his words can go overlooked, but Gandhi really must have been speaking directly to me when he said (in his indian accent)..... "Hey Babu, You have got to be the change you wish to see in the world. Dont you get it yet?."

And some barefooted guy so aptly followed him with: "Just do it."

So here goes..... Another day, right here and right now, working towards Saving the World, one bite at a time, with my fellow Raw Super Heroes....


Josh :o)

Challenged to a Duel!?!

Well now it looks like I have been called out.... My number's up. Im in the firing line now. Im being forced to stand by my hypothesis; that a raw, plant based diet is the ultimate for natural health and fitness...

I have just received this email from one of my most healthy and enlightened friends. A CHALLENGE to see what is the optimum diet for health and fitness... And having put it out there, my best mate is making sure I stay true to my word, and the path I have chosen to walk...

Check out what he wrote:

"So I had an idea. A challenge.

You ready?

In a nutshell :

I'll eat meat, you eat veg, and we'll monitor our body as it transforms and see ...what we see.

Basically since I have been solo here I have been enjoying eating exactly what I want to eat, and how i like to eat it. It's not a very radical program but I think a lot of people will think it is. Crazy.

So for now I' going to tell you what i eat, and when I have more time (probably next week) we can make it a part of your blog. Do it properly.

Or maybe if i tell you now, you can add it in your words. I'll get some photos of me and over the next say, 3 months i reckon, i'll take the same shot each month or fortnightly or whatever.

So here's my current program:

1st thing i put in my body most days is a glass of water. Then a smoothie with banana, papaya, almonds, raw egg, spirulina and water. YUM. oh yeah sometimes honey too.

next meal varies (because of my shift work program), but over the course of one day i generally eat the following foods:

whole rolled oats
oat bran
sometimes cinnamon and other spices
---- ie porridge.

i eat mostly salads comprising raw spinach/silverbeet, raw beetroot (i'm gonna stop saying raw coz it's all raw), carrots, celery, rocket, lettuce, broccoli, capsicum. i never eat tomato. sometimes more nuts , always extra virgin olive oil, salt, sometimes balsamic vinegar, sometimes apple cider vinegar, sometimes lemon juice. sometimes honey and mustard also.

i eat this with either kangaroo meat or fresh fish.

sometimes ie. once or twice a week, i eat brown rice. sometimes quinoa.

sometimes i eat bread made from spelt and very occasionally i eat wheat.

i snack on heaps of fruit such as banana, grapes, apples, stone fruits (in season), pears. sometimes cheddar cheese too. dried figs, prunes, dates, gojis often too.

that's pretty much all i eat. i sometimes treat myself to sugar such as chocolate covered ginger. but i rarely eat refined sugar.

i virtually never drink milk. i sometimes have rice milk or soy milk. i often drink chai, sometimes coffee, often peppermint 'tea'.

yeah i guess that's about all i eat.

i have rare moments where i will eat other stuff like sandwich with white bread from a shop or pasta or.... i dunno, not much though.

oh yeah i very occasionally have a beer, or a glass of wine.

for the purpose of this challenge i will continue this casual approach to a healthy diet.

i do yoga once or twice a week, weight training about twice each week, and surfing about 2-4 times each week. I casually ride a bicycle about 20km/week.


i'd like to compare your program bro. if you do roughly the same amount of 'strenuous' exercise but keep away from meat and processed food. we should do body fat analyses, and report our height/weight etc etc. and take some photos.

whaddya reckon?

Brad. "

Now I tell you what, Im excited, Im frothing at the bit. But Im also petrified. Deep down this is what I have been longing for, a bit of pressure, a reason, a challenge. However, I was rather hoping to avoid it, if at all possible... :o)

To top it all off, Brad is one of the fittest and healthiest guys that I know...!!

So, now that the stakes have been raised, now I am being forced to stand by and be judged by my convictions and my actions, this whole "raw fitness experiment" thing might start to get just a little more fun!

Keep tuned,

Josh :o)